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  • Vodacom Sharpens Revenue Assurance Capability ServeDesk HOBS Integrated Revenue Assurance helps the telecom major control revenue leakage. Challenge Vodacom needed a structured revenue assurance program for its new product portfolio. Vodacom wanted to capture a larger market share across south and central African countries by expanding a range of customized enterprise offerings. Lacking defined KPIs for assessing revenue leakage, the company struggled to manage its long revenue chains. Most billing and provisioning processes were manual. There was no established governance framework and the billing team would often activate services without updating the CRM’s contract module.  – causing order fallouts and poor CX. Solution ServeDesk stepped in to transform Vodacom’s existing revenue assurance program for a fixed line environment. ”With ServeDesk HOBS Revenue Assurance, Vodacom will be able to take a step forward in the right direction.” Veran Kathan, CFO Benefits - Vodacom’s revenue assurance program gains maturity with ServeDesk’ digitally enabled platform. Vodacom has been able to simplify revenue recovery and quickly resolve billing issues, in addition to: Reducing revenue leakage Accurately reconciling billing information Improving data quality and customer experience
    Vodacom Sharpens Revenue Assurance Capability
    Veran Kathan, CFO
  • Benefits Telia accelerates its digital journey with API management. With SERVE-DESK’ services, Telia was able to improve time to market, productivity, and cost efficiency. As a cloud-based solution, the Apigee API management platform was capable of integrating with third party vendors and extend Telia’s digital presence. Increased agility and transparency Easy on-boarding of other IT units and projects to develop APIs on their own Lesser time required for API provisioning and integration Easy and flexible integration with third party vendors or partners to extend customer reach and value Higher revenue with robust and reusable APIs
    Telia accelerates its digital journey with API management.
    Stephan- omni-channel retail world
  • Few customers are taking advantage of online banking, ATMS, and self-service kiosks. As people continue to expect more from their digital experiences, Citibank UK wants to give their customers the best digital banking options to manage their accounts when and where they want. Though online transactions cost 100 times less than brick-and-mortar activities, only 22 percent of their customers are using the website, ATMs, or kiosks. Citibank UK wants to help more customers adopt online banking by making it easier. How does Citibank UK encourage more people to take advantage of their digital services? Westpac Uncovers Deep Insights with Analytics Dr. Leif Evensen, GM Business Performance & Analytics, AFS Westpac Banking Corporation talks about how the strategic alliance with ServeDesk has helped them achieve higher operational standards and process efficiency.
    Westpac Uncovers Deep Insights with Analytics
    Dr. Leif Evensen, - GM
  • Yehuda Sinay, Head of Global Shared Services Program, ZIM Shipping, describes how ServeDesk Ltd. consolidated and automated the company’s business processes. This improved operational performance, business agility, and customer service. Experience Results ServeDesk’ automation and process consolidation have served as the key to better operational performance. ZIM is now able to close financial transactions faster and more efficiently, and meet shipment related SLAs due to timely and accurate completion of paperwork. Experience Partnership With greater business process agility, ZIM executes business decisions more effectively, resulting in better customer service. Experience Leadership “ServeDesk is a very strong player in providing shipping and logistics specific business process services. This has helped us to be agile in our business planning and execution.” – Yehuda Sinay
    Automation Drives Agility at ZIM Shipping
    Yehuda Sinay, Head of Global Shared Services
  • IDFC Bank Deploys Next-Gen Banking Services Ravishankar Gopalan, Head, Product Development Group, IDFC Bank, describes how ServeDesk Ltd. implemented core banking solutions and streamlined business processes, helping the bank establish nation-wide operations in a short span of time Experience Results Ravishankar talks about how ServeDesk Ltd helped IDFC set up operations in India within the stipulated timeframe. He appreciates ServeDesk’ proactive approach in deploying core banking and financial inclusion gateway systems at IDFC, which helped the bank successfully achieve project milestones on time and in a cost effective manner. Experience Partnership Given the strategic importance of this project, Ravishankar mentions that ServeDesk’ expertise in solution deployment as well as business requirement documentation and SOP creation was particularly noteworthy. Experience Leadership He concludes with saying that IDFC has truly experienced certainty with ServeDesk  in terms of developing the required documentation, especially the operating procedures, enabling meticulous follow-ups on program milestones, and working with business users to familiarize them with the core banking systems. "One can safely say that ServeDesk understands the business of banking. IDFC has experienced certainty with ServeDesk ...The knowledge base that they brought was just amazing. And, given an option, I would like to work with them many times over
    IDFC Bank Deploys Next-Gen Banking Services
  • ServeDesk Helps Hitachi Set Up F&A Operations Centre Ryuichi Otsuki, Vice President and Executive Officer, Hitachi Ltd., describes how the company’s relationship with ServeDesk has evolved since 2006. Today ServeDesk is Hitachi’s strategic business partner for social innovation business and other initiatives Experience Results Ryuichi discusses how ServeDesk team cooperated with Hitachi to set up a global F&A BPS shared services center that enabled Hitachi to bring in efficiency, standardization of process and heavy automation by using IT tools. Experience Partnership He talks about ServeDesk’ collaborative style of working and team oriented approach. Ryuichi mentions, “ServeDesk has worked collaboratively with Hitachi to develop innovative prototype solutions that address business problems of the customers in domains such as Utilities, Finance, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and so on.” Experience Leadership Ryuichi highlights how ServeDesk has not just made a positive impact to Hitachi’s profits but has also helped significantly to improve their top line.
    ServeDesk’ Helps Hitachi Set Up F&A Operations Centre
    Themeforest Customer
  • Leveraging Hadoop for Effective Data Archival A cost effective, scalable, and secure solution. By using Hadoop as a data archival platform, organizations can benefit from: Multiple source connectivity & scalability High accessibility of archived data Low cost, speedy data retrieval/ analytics I love the ease-of-use the builder provides - I can quickly test different combinations and experiment with font and color combinations to find that sweet spot. Kudos for the amazing support too, really quick turnaround!
    Rick Dempsey – A cost effective, scalable, and secure Big Data solution.
    Themeforest Customer
  • Telia Unifies API Management ServeDesk helps the telecom major set up a cloud-based, scalable platform that boosts IT productivity. It's clear to see just how seriously these guys take design. I've never come across a template with the level of polish as this - and don't even get me started on the page builder, there is simply NO competition. Customer for life.
    Anna Thompson – helps the telecom major set up a cloud-based, scalable platform that boosts 40% IT productivity.
    Themeforest Customer