Process is in our DNA. From Day 1, that’s what we’ve done.

Where people and process come together.


In fact, our very first dollar came from process consulting. later we continue to delight clients through digital and automated processes that lead to exceptional customer experiences.

Process is in our DNA. From Day 1!


OUR GLOBAL REACH With 2,400+ Associates and 13 delivery centers worldwide, we offer global, 24/7 service.

rethinks and rebuilds processes for the digital age


We complete 43 million transactions a month on a digital backbone that spans 19 countries around the world for more than 120 clients.

Where people and process come together.


Strive for the perfect balance
between form and function.

Question standard norms before
choosing to obey them.

Communicate with clarity, be complex
but never complicated.

Embrace the difficult decision
that drive creativity forward.

Constructive collegiality is key
to the stimulation of ideas.

Trust in collaboration
the hallmark of our work.

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About Company

ServeDesk Ltd an Resource Management (CRM) provides best in class business solutions that help enhance your service, compliance and recovery goals. Headquartered in Dallas, TX ServeDesk offers right-shore solutions leveraging arbitrage and technology to produce a hybrid engagement model that permits intensive efforts to improve liquidation performance while being sensitive to customer experience and regulatory compliance. We attribute much of our success to the initial collaboration with our clients, our world class leadership team and our commitment to hiring the best and the brightest at every level of the organization. With a focus on customer satisfaction and improving our client’s recovery results we have been able to target our training efforts in order to maximize the skill sets of our associates to meet your needs.<

Driving Value through Experience, Innovation and Consistency

With deep domain expertise, our company partners and C-level management have a combined 120+ years of experience in the Finance & Accounting (F&A) industry. We believe in building long term strategic partnerships and as a result our current client relationships span from four to twenty years. Our esteemed organization is partner funded, has zero debt and complete flexibility in fueling business growth. Our business model gives us the ability to scale up rapidly, maintain cost and deliver a significant value arbitrage. At ServeDesk we continue to find ways that enhance our operations as we seek out, collaborate and align with other best in class organizations. At present, ServeDesk has three US based offices in Dallas TX, San Jose CA and Bellevue WA respectively, along with two large centers in Pune, India & Perth, Australia. Our offices are home to over 1500 front-line agents and staff in a state-of-the-art and secure facilities.

Our consistent approach to client engagement ensures each of our partner’s unique needs and goals are always our priority. By engaging with our client partners directly and consistently ServeDesk able to offer the most appropriate solutions that maximize results, minimize costs and ensure compliance to their unique and ever changing work standards.

We always start with people.Business is driven by human behavior. And we take a human-centered design approach to drive business results. Through observation, learning, and immersive research we are able to roadmap solutions that work for our clients and their customers.

  • Design Research
  • Design Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • Creative Services

We untangle complexity and connect dots. This is where we bring the design vision to life—uncovering and alleviating stumbling blocks that could interfere with successful implementation. Our 360-degree focus on customers and tech-agnostic approach allow us to develop flexible solutions that scale with business needs.

We deliver anywhere in the world or in the cloud. Our global operation model and thousands of employees in 19 countries allow us to implement best practices and meet clients’ needs practically everywhere. From implementation to analysis, we go beyond solution launch to seek out continuous improvement for our clients—and ourselves.